All employers resuming operations are required to develop a COVID-19 Safety Plan that outlines the policies, guidelines, and procedures they have put in place to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission in their business. This plan follows the six steps outlined in the COVID-19 and returning to safe operation template developed by WorkSafeBC. Employers must involve frontline workers, joint health and safety committees, and supervisors in identifying protocols for their workplace. They do not need a formal plan in place to begin operation, but are expected to develop it while protecting the safety of their workers.

Furthermore, as per the Provincial Health Officer’s Orders, updated January 7th, 2022, employers are required to re-activate COVID-19 Safety Plans

This replaces the previous requirement for employers to have communicable disease prevention plans in their workplaces. While communicable disease prevention plans and COVID-19 Safety Plans share some of the same fundamental principles, COVID-19 Safety Plans are formal, written plans with more rigorous controls and are more appropriate for periods of elevated risk, such as the one currently faced by B.C. workplaces by the Omicron variant.

Resources to Help You Re-activate or Implement Your Plan

  1. WorkSafeBC updated COVID-19 Safety Plan template
  2. Industry-specific information
  3. The OHS Guideline G-P2-21 Communicable Disease Prevention which provides more information about the workplace requirements to implement communicable disease prevention

“New money to help tourism and hospitality is certainly most appreciated. Aside from working with government to ensure that available funds flow to tourism businesses as quickly as possible, we will continue to advocate for further relief to access the unanticipated recovery measures that the Province committed to for situations such as the impending travel ban and ongoing border closures that have left our industry in a desperate state. We recognize that many tourism businesses may not survive absent of further support, so we look forward to our dialogue with the Province in the days ahead to find additional ways to help.” – Walt Judas, TIABC CEO (June 2021)


UNWTO | Gender-Inclusive Strategy

TIABC advocates and supports the business case for advancing gender equality and recognizes that it is well documented. In the tourism sector, the benefits are further amplified due to the high proportion of women working in the sector.

The “Gender Inclusive Strategy for Tourism Businesses” contains tools to support private sector tourism enterprises of all types and sizes achieve effective and consistent strategies and programmes for gender equality across their operations.  View the Strategy HERE.


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