National Tourism Week ・ ・ May 23 To 30

National Tourism Week ・ ・ May 23 to 30, 2021

Tourism Week in Canada is organized nationally by the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC). It is a grassroots initiative that brings attention to the economic opportunity available to Canada through travel and tourism and the public policy challenges preventing the sector from capitalizing on those opportunities.

This year, Tourism Week looks very different from other years where we celebrated the success of our industry, in addition to its economic importance. Key messaging for 2021 coming soon.

Tourism Week in Canada aligns tourism organizations, businesses and other partners from across the country around a common vision: a tourism sector unencumbered by government policies and recognized for its contribution to the Canadian economy.

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TIAC・ ・s Tourism Town Hall series is an event partnership between the Tourism Industry Association of Canada, Destination Canada, and the local host partners.
Local small and medium-sized business owners will have the opportunity to meet with TIAC, Destination Canada and tourism partners to better understand efforts being made on national tourism issues.
Town Halls allow tourism operators to provide first-hand input on issues affecting their business and the tourism industry in this time of COVID and provide feedback on government policy for the recovery and rebuilding of our sector.
Tourism Town Halls also provide a front-line forum exposure for governments, TIAC, Destination Canada and event sponsors to collaborate with small and medium-sized tourism business operators.
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Tourism is a people business. We bring people together in different places for an experience or an event. Through COVID-19, this has largely been brought to a halt.

While there are still restrictions in place across the country, we know people will travel again. We are asking Canadians to support the Canadian tourism industry by planning to travel locally this year, when restrictions are lifted.


Spread the word ・ ・ #BCTourismCounts

  • Take photos and share them on social media ・ ・ in addition to capturing images of your community participating in Tourism Week activities, take photos of other tourism activities that you can share (attractions, tourism employees, your visitor centre, your welcome signage, etc.).
  • Share these images on social media using the hashtags #TourismWeek and #TourismCounts. By using these hashtags we can ensure that allツTourism Weekツactivities are easily tracked and shared. Encourage all your stakeholders to do the same.

Are you Looking forツMore Ideas for Tourism Week in Your Community?

Below are just some of the great ideas that communities have told us:

・ ・ Have people hold up a chalkboard/whiteboard sign that reads #BCTourismCounts

・ ・ Highlighting a different tourism ・ ・ambassador・ ・ each day on social media and in the local media to highlight the different types of tourism players in a community. For example, a hotelier, a retailer, an attraction operator/owner, frontline staff, students, etc.

・ ・ Sharing tourism statistics and/orツDid You Knowツtidbits about the local and provincial tourism industry

・ ・ Ensuring your local media shares the stories so that the tourism industry, including local residents, learn more about the power of tourism in BC

For more information on the national objectives, Call to Action and how to get involved, visitツ




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