Dennis Innes

Dennis Innes has been in adult education for most of his career, first as a teacher and Director of Studies at Language Studies Canada (LSC) and then as a faculty member and Dean for the past five years at Vancouver Community College (VCC).

Dennis is currently the Dean of Hospitality, Culinary and Baking at VCC and has developed a solid understanding of the departments.  Additionally, Dennis is a member of the BC Association of Trades and Technology Administrators (BCATTA) as well as the Deans of Business and sits on the Provincial Articulation Committees of Business and Culinary Arts programming. In his role as Dean and as a member of the VCC Program Advisory Committees for our hospitality, culinary arts and baking programs, he has gained substantial insight into the training providers, students and hospitality industry. In past years, Dennis was the president of the Board at Mt Seymour Park Housing Co-operative and is currently the president of the Board of Directors of BC Skills and sits on the Board of Helios Learning Point Society, which serves to support people with differing abilities.

Date: Friday October 8, 2021


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