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Welcome to TIABC – Tourism Industry Association of BC


Province Extends State of Emergency – Due to Wildfire Risk

The Province is extending the provincial state of emergency until Sept. 14th to ensure public safety and support the response to the wildfire situation.

Just Released

Coastal Marine Strategy – What We Heard Report

This report by government summarizes key themes captured during the engagement process.



The Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Service has released the Committee’s report on the Budget 2024 consultation. The report includes 2 recommendations by TIABC:
– Retain MRDT Funding Purposes
– Request for Emergency Management Funding


Industry Associations Call for More Time to Repay CEBA Loans

TIABC joins more than 250 organizations representing thousands of businesses across the country urging the Federal Gov’t to extend current CEBA repayment deadline to end of 2025.


New Federal Tourism Growth Strategy

The Canadian government has unveiled a new Federal Tourism Growth Strategy, titled “Canada 365: Welcoming the world. Every day.”


2 out of 5 Tourism Operators in Canada Report Being at Risk of Closing

45% of Canada’s tourism businesses report that they are likely or somewhat likely to close within the next three years without government intervention into their mounting debt load, according to new research conducted by TIAC, TIABC and it’s provincial and territorial partners.


Temporary Housing for Seasonal Tourism Workers


TIABC Releases 2022 Advocacy Report Card

TIABC is pleased to release its 2022 Advocacy Report Card, which details the advocacy efforts and achievements and synopsis of some of the organization’s key initiatives last year.


Conversation on the Future of Tourism: What We Heard

The report is a summary of what government heard during the 2022-2023 province-wide engagement sessions


Province to Provide Funding to BC-based Events

Through the BC Fairs, Festivals and Events (BCFFE) fund, government will be providing $30 million in one-time grants to eligible events in response from the sector for help.


TIABC Voice of Tourism Podcast

TIABC’s podcasts have been developed to provide TIABC members and stakeholders with insightful content and a unique perspective on BC’s tourism industry.

The TIABC’s Voice of Tourism features CEO Walt Judas, interviewing some of the most respected professionals in the tourism industry.





Province provides new tool for communities hosting major tourism events

NEW Policy


TIABC releases new policy on highway signage

May 2022


Framework released for BC Tourism Emergency Management


Province launches 3-year roadmap to revitalize BC Tourism


Our board of directors is committed to diversity, equity, inclusion & reconciliation


The Tourism Industry Association of BC advocates for the interests of British Columbia’s $22.3 billion visitor economy (normalized year).


Through your membership, you will part of a strong, collective voice while helping to support TIABC’s advocacy efforts.


TIABC leverages advocacy as a tool to achieve sustainable tourism solutions by identifying the key issues from our industry.


Guided by the TIABC Policy Committee, policies have been developed to advise, direct and help reframe tourism development.

The Voice of the BC Tourism Industry

TIABC’s Vision is for the tourism industry to be recognized as one of British Columbia’s leading and sustainable industries. As the primary advocate for BC’s visitor economy, TIABC unites operators, sectors, DMOs, government and residents to support and be passionate about making this province a great place for tourism.

Current TIABC Members
of British Columbians are Employed in Tourism
People employed in BC tourism
BC Tourism-related businesses

Advocacy & Policies

As the Voice of Tourism for British Columbia’s 19,300 businesses and 300,000+ employees, we present our list of advocacy activities on our efforts to date with the caveat that our job is far from over.

TIABC One Minute Monitor

Recent Poll Results


Support the campfire ban


Against the campfire ban

How it works

As necessary, TIABC Releases an Industry Survey. See below to participate in this week’s poll.

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Poll: Province-wide Campfire Ban

1). Do you support the idea of a province-wide (open) campfire ban between the months of May and October to help mitigate wildfires in British Columbia, YES or NO – 2). Please explain “why” or “why not” .

The Value of Tourism

In January, 2022 TIABC launched The Value of Tourism (VoT) initiative. This project was designed to increase the understanding of tourism as a powerful engine for economic, cultural, and social well-being, and to secure cross-government support for tourism investments by describing how tourism benefits every community and region in British Columbia.

This project was also designed to increase interest in tourism as a career choice, as well as provide insight into how tourism can be a catalyst for addressing major issues and opportunities such as climate change, sustainability, reconciliation, workforce, among other priorities.

TIABC Partners and Sponsors

TIABC has forged mutually beneficial industry partners and sponsorship to ensure our organization maximizes the available resources that are critical to supporting BC’s visitor economy. Our partners valuable contributions support TIABC’s mission and play a critical role in supporting initiatives that are dedicated to improving the quality and competitiveness of BC’s tourism sector.


As our province embarks on the road to recovery, TIABC strives to ensure you are well-informed with up-to-date information on our ongoing efforts to communicate with our sector stakeholders and government agencies on your behalf.

TIABC Members

Through your membership, you will part of a strong, collective voice while helping to support TIABC’s advocacy efforts, policy development, programs, and activities that benefit the sector’s sustainability, development and growth.

TIABC CEO Walt Judas with Hon. josie_osborne, Minister of Energy, Mines & Low Carbon Innovation, along with @guideoutfittersassociationofbc's Scott Ellis and @cariboochilcotincoast's Amy Thacker at the Vancouver Cabinet office following a productive discussion on ways the tourism industry can more effectively work with government to achieve mutual benefits for both the visitor economy and resource extraction industries such as mining.
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Meet Will Harding, Founder of Travel Local and proud member of TIABC. Hear why his business recently became a member of TIABC and why he encourages other businesses and organizations to consider a membership.

Your support and engagement is vital to ensuring businesses, DMO’s and sectors are united and speaking with one voice on issues that impact BC’s tourism industry.

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TIABC CEO Walt Judas with Hon. josie_osborne, Minister of Energy, Mines & Low Carbon Innovation, at the Fully Charged Live Canada exhibition at the Vancouver Convention Centre. 🙌
🚁 Weekend vibes: TIABC CEO Walt Judas joined a heli-hiking tour in the Cariboo Mountains near Valemount with pilot Nadia and fellow adventure enthusiasts. A thrilling experience in BC's stunning landscapes! 🏔️🌲
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We strongly encourage you to consider membership or renew your membership with TIABC to support our important advocacy efforts on behalf of the entire visitor economy.

TIABC continues to identify your concerns, raise your voice, champion your needs, and push for support and programs while encouraging policy changes at both the provincial and federal level.

Your support and engagement is vital to ensuring businesses, DMO's and sectors are united and speaking with one voice on issues that impact BC's tourism industry.

Join TIABC today through link in bio👆
TIABC CEO Walt Judas experienced a personal behind-the-scenes tour of Vancouver International Airport this week with YVR's Manager of Government Relations, Erin Wiskar, to gain a better understanding of airport operations, including the nerve centre where the airport manages security, traffic and emergency situations among other tasks.