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Meet Our Board of Directors & Team


TIABC is looking for volunteers from its membership to assist the committees.

Please contact us to inquire.

I feel we must speak with one voice and work hard to unify our tourism industry. This board helps us do just that.

Sandra Oldfield

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee develops and updates fact-based policies that clearly communicate the industry’s current concerns and influence decision makers. The Committee utilizes a range of tools to ensure the policy positions it recommends to the Board of Directors reflect the memberships’ views and are supported by research.

Committee members:
1. Michael J. Ballingall (Committee Chair) – TIABC Director
2. Brenda Baptiste – TIABC Director
3. Beverley DeSantis – TIABC Member
4. Barrett Fisher – TIABC Member
5. Katherine MacRae – TIABC Member (Commercial Bear Viewing Association)
6. Joss Penny – TIABC Member (BC Lodging & Campgrounds Association)
7. Paul Vallee – TIABC Member (Gaining Edge)
8. John Wilson – TIABC Member (Wilson Transportation)

Membership & Communications Committee

The Membership and Communications Committee assists the Board in its role of providing input and strategic direction on membership generating activities and communications strategies to support TIABC.

Committee members:
1. Mike Retasket (Committee Chair) – TIABC Director
2. Brenda Baptiste – TIABC Director

3. J.J. Belanger – TIABC Chair
4. Jamie Cox – TIABC Director
5. Ceri Chong – TIABC Member (Tourism Richmond)

6. Nicole Ford – TIABC Director
7. Dennis Innes – TIABC Director
8. Chris Lewis – TIABC Director
9. Joanne Burns Millar – TIABC Director

Finance & Audit Committee

The Finance Committee assists the Board in its fiduciary responsibilities. The Committee also plays a key role in the sustainability of the organization by overseeing the monthly financial statements and reporting back to the board at each meeting.

Committee members:
1. Sandra van Steijn (Committee Chair) – TIABC Director
2. J.J. Belanger – TIABC Chair
3. Jamie Cox – TIABC Director
4. Sandra Oldfield – TIABC Director

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee acts as a working group to assist the Board in ensuring that the organization has the necessary governance structure and policies, including appropriate bylaws, to be an independent and effective tourism industry association on behalf of operators, sectors, DMOs and key stakeholders.

Additionally, the Governance Committee is responsible for ensuring that the Board includes individuals with the skills, experience and broad industry perspective to effectively govern the organization. The process of recruiting qualified nominees for vacant Board positions is overseen by a sub-committee of the Governance Committee.

Committee members:
1. J.J. Belanger – (Committee Chair) – TIABC Chair
2. Brenda Baptiste – TIABC Director

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Reconciliation Sub-committee

The purpose of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee is to assist the Board in its role to establish key metrics and a path forward to ensure TIABC becomes a fair and equitable association well represented by all underserved parties in the tourism industry. Given the current challenges, the Committee will play a key role in establishing the right path forward of the organization.

Committee members:
1. Sandra Oldfield – (Chair) TIABC Director
2. Jarrett Bachman, TIABC Member (Fairleigh Dickinson University)
3. Lisanne Ballantyne, TIABC Member (Tourism Kelowna)
4. Brenda Baptiste – TIABC Director
5. J.J. Belanger – TIABC Chair / Director
6. Barrett Fisher – TIABC Member (Tourism Whistler)
7. Miranda Ji – TIABC Director
8. Chris Lewis – TIABC Director
9. Sandra van Steijn – TIABC Director

📬 Postcards from BC!

"Wish you were here" from the Botanica Flower Festival Chilliwack, courtesy of Allison Colthorp Executive Director Tourism Chilliwack. 📸

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📸 “Postcards from BC” featuring Brian Cant at the Red Mountain Resort Rossland! 

Would you like your image to appear in our weekly Postcards from BC feature? Contact
At the BCHA Summit in Whistler, air, ground, and marine transportation leaders spoke of ongoing challenges they face including rising costs, workforce, aging equipment, competition, and new regulations that must be addressed in order to meet customer and community needs/demands. TIABC CEO Walt Judas met with BC Ferries CEO Nicolas Jimenez to discuss opportunities to work together on initiatives that benefit more visitor dependent communities throughout the province. 

Other panelists at the session included TIABC members John Wilson (Wilson's Transportation), Air Canada's Serge Corbeil, and YVR's Eric Pateman.
At a media briefing, the province released the revised estimated costs for the 2026 FIFA World Cup at between $483m & $581m. The federal government also committed $115m towards the cost of the event. TIABC CEO Walt Judas and Destination Vancouver CEO Royce Chwin were on hand for the announcement joining Vancouver Mayor Ken Sim, BC Tourism & Sport Minister Lana Popham and Federal Sport Minister Carla Qualtrough.
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🌿 TIABC has partnered with GreenStep to help British Columbia businesses remain competitive in a changing tourism landscape.

📆 Please join us on May 8th, 11:00 a.m.—11:45 a.m., as GreenStep hosts an educational webinar aimed at educating tourism businesses about the Pledge and the benefits of developing a sustainability strategy.

Don't miss out! Secure your spot by registering through the link in bio 👆