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Feb 24, 2022

Support Letter for the Continuing Education and Training Association of British Columbia (CETABC)

Letter from Tourism Industry Association of BC



To Whom It May Concern:

The Tourism Industry Association of BC (TIABC) is a province-wide advocacy organization that represents the more than 19,000 businesses and 350,000 people working in BC’s tourism and hospitality sector. As you know, tourism is an integral part of BC’s character and economy. It is interwoven throughout the fabric of the province, supporting families and anchoring the culture of communities.

In 2019 (pre-pandemic), tourism contributed over $22.3 billion in revenue and $1.7 billion in provincial taxes to BC’s economy. Those numbers were set to grow further prior to the devastating impact of COVID-19. As a consequence of the pandemic, many businesses have either folded or significantly reduced operations. Furthermore, most operators have lost both skilled and unskilled employees, which will make it extremely difficult to build toward full capacity as the industry begins to recover.

Because of our severe workforce challenges, the tourism and hospitality industry must consider all options to attract and retain employees, including a timely and effective program to train workers with the necessary skills and certifications to enter or re-enter this vital sector.

To that end, TIABC is excited by and fully supportive of the joint proposal for tourism, hospitality and service sector training by member institutions of the Continuing Education and Training Association of British Columbia (CETABC).

In reviewing the contents of the proposed program, we are very much in favour of the initiative being group orientated and offered as in-person classes. While all participants will need to successfully complete the learning outcomes as defined by the program, including additional safety and technical certifications, we are especially keen on the employment assistance module which will provide an opportunity for participants to meet employers through tours, site visits, and one-on-one meetings.

What’s more, in addition to the practical knowledge of tourism and hospitality, participants will be provided with health and wellness skills, as well as strategies to search for future work opportunities. TIABC believes this project to be timely and beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Builds participants’ labour market skills and employability in the restaurant, hotel, and retail sales/ service sectors;
  • Provides and improves participants’ life skills and leadership tools necessary to succeed in a career in tourism and hospitality;
  • Develops participants’ skills necessary to succeed in a multicultural, diverse, and inclusive work setting; and
  • Increases participants’ understanding of the restaurant, hotel, retail sales/service industry and the opportunities it can provide them.

Once the program is affirmed, TIABC is committed to promoting the initiative to our province-wide members and stakeholders, and potentially dedicate resources or expertise to facilitate this exciting opportunity. More specifically, we will help recruit program graduates if need be, or facilitate their employment across regions based on skills, aptitudes, and flexibility. We are convinced that this project will benefit the tourism and hospitality sector across the province and that CETABC has the leadership and capacity required to guide this important initiative forward.

We strongly encourage you to approve funding for this project so that it can launch soon for the benefit of the entire BC visitor economy. If you have any questions regarding TIABC’s support, please reach out at your earliest convenience.

Best Regards,

Walt Judas

More Advocacy

TIABC webinar series returns on November 24th! 

Equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) are important elements in sustainable labor recovery. But what do these really mean in the workplace context? While businesses are aware of the importance of these elements, many are often unsure where to start.

go2HR is committed to building strong and safe workplaces. We have engaged ParriagGroup, a leading EDI firm, to build a webinar that deepens our understanding of EDI and how to start reshaping the workplace.

Date: November 24th | 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm (PT)

Tap link in bio to register. 👆
REMINDER: Registration is open for TIABC 2022 Annual general meeting and industry forum! 🎉 

Registration is open for TIABC's AGM, to be held Friday, November 18th at the Anvil Centre, 777 Columbia Street, New Westminster. 

Schedule of Activities:
11:00 AM - Reports of the Society and election of directors
12:00 PM - Complimentary lunch for AGM attendees
12:30-2:00 PM - Presentation and workshop on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion with guest speaker, Joanna Jagger, founder & president, WORTH (Women of Recreation, Tourism and Hospitality) Association

Register through the link in bio.👆 

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Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at TIABC! 🍂 

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In Recognition of National Truth & Reconciliation Day, TIABC is dedicating this edition of our weekly newsletter to honour the children who never returned home and the First Nation, Métis, and Inuit survivors of residential schools, as well as their families and communities. TIABC understands that public commemoration of the tragic and painful history and ongoing impacts of residential schools is a vital component of the reconciliation process.

We open with an updated re-post from TIABC Director Brenda Baptiste and her poignant editorial from last year's inaugural National Truth & Reconciliation Day. Also included is a "Member Spotlight" on St. Eugene Golf, Resort and Casino which features content relating to the Indigenous peoples and communities in our province.

Tap the link in our bio to read the full newsletter. 👆

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In Ottawa this week, TIABC CEO Walt Judas met with @tourismhrcanada CEO Philip Mondor to discuss workforce challenges at THRC’s annual Labour Market Forum.
TIABC Call for Nominations 📢

The Tourism Industry Association of BC (TIABC) Governance Committee is seeking qualified individuals for the 2022-2024 term that are dedicated to the success of the Association and will support its principles as a member of the Board of Directors. Acceptance of nominations is based on a specific set of skills and experience.

Eligible candidates must demonstrate specific experience in the following areas:

1. Tourism Industry Knowledge

2. Technical & Business Expertise

3. Governance Competencies

4. Education and Training

The Board of Directors is made up of a maximum of 13 directors, consisting of 11 directors elected by the active members. TIABC is seeking a total of six (6) candidates for the 2022-2024 term:

The deadline for application submissions is Friday, September 30th at 5:00 pm

To receive the TIABC Board Nomination Form, or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact Deborah Kulchiski (Manager, Special Projects, TIABC) at or p. 604.530.9979

Tap the link in our bio to learn more. ☝️